Calling All 167th Vet's From 1943 to 1994.

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Member Name Branch/Message Unit Served Years of Tour
 Site Founder           Steve Baldwin First Field Forces Vietnam 167th Signal Co RVN 1968-69.
John N Plennert First Field Forces Vietnam     167th Signal Co            54th Signal Battalion, 1967-1968
Ed Babcock Will be happy to meet up with anyone from the 167th starting from day one in Ft. Gordon, GA Welcome home brothers and sisters 1966-1967
Dennis Luoma
Denny from N.D. saying thanks to Steve.    

David K. Kauhane Sr

Army First Field Forces   1969-1970
Paul Gansky Most of us who flew over on those C-141\'s arrived on Christmas Eve 1966. Fort Gordon to 167th to Nha Trang to Tuy Hoa. 1966
Leroy (Buddy) Seawell US Army, Pleiku, South Vietnam 167th Signal Co 1968
Fred Parrott  At Fort Gordon and Vietnam. 31L20 167 Signal Co 1966 - 1967
Charles W Bobbitt (Bill) Worked in mess hall, love to hear from any of the men
there especially dec66-dec67. My thanks to Steve for this website, you looking good..
167th from Gordon  1966 - 1967
Melvin R Lanfair From Central Florida    
GARY STENNETT 101ST AB 54TH SIG BN 1971-1972 167TH SIGNAL CO 1968-1969
Richard A Dekker Clerk Typist
Worked in orderly room with Lonnie Hagen
Smoked and joked with James Lehman, Gerald Bianchi, Summers, Gresik, Gentile, Baird and others.  When not smoking enjoyed Gerald Cutter's company and insights.  Respected 1sg Yamada, Jerry Pinkapank and the XO, but dont remember his name...Hope to make one of the reunions, just to meet Steve Baldwin, if nothing else...
167th Signal Co
RVN; Aug 67 to Aug 68
sp4 Dekker 31m20
1967 - 1968
Rocky Smith 167th Signal Co.US Army, I am looking for men I went to war with names of some are Golf , Platts, Gibbs, Jeff frost, Don Fry, Gerome Jones, Pridemore, Patterson, Kraft Exc. you can e-mail me 54th Signal Battalion 1967 -1971

Michael Schillaci

31L20 167 Signal Co. 1968 - 1969

Kermit  L Jenrette (Pete)


Was with the 167th at Gordon, got to Nam on 16th Dec66. Extended to Aug68.   Mos 31m4o
Good job and thanks to Steve Baldwin who cared enough to start this page .
167th Signal Co. Anyone remember me, get in touch. Also if anyone knows whereabouts of Frank Casas or SSGT Donald Frye who arrived later on in 1967 please contact me. I need to get in touch with them. Dec.1966-Aug.1968

Horst H Breuer

Ft Gordon  (C-141 Alaska- Japan-NHa-Trang  Remember all the Sand Bags 167th Signal Co 1965-1966
Larry A. Austin Army, This is a good looking site, we must give thanks to the person that did the great work---Larry Austin
167th Signal Co 1969-1970
Dennis Luoma Army, Worked company operations in Pleiku, and An Khe. Office was in Torch at Pleiku 167th Signal Company 12/68 - 7/70
David I. Drummond Signal Corps 167th Sig Co (RR), 1970

Charles (Chuck) Widener

At Nha Trang, Pleiku, Kontum, & Dakto.  31M40 rig #41  Lt. Mederius, thanks for the shot of Crown Royal before entering Dakto.  Anyone else remember Sgt. Crists swinging club doors? 167th Signal Co 1967 - 1968 
Rodney N Ness Army 167th Signal Co 1967 - 1968
James R. (Jimmy) Harley Army 167th Signal Co  
George "Pete" Kelly Pleiku and An Khe, Vietnam 167th Signal Company 1968-1969
Nick Bellantoni U.S. Army Signal Corps, Served with the 167th. Signal Company at Engineer Hill in Pleiku, South Vietnam from 1969 to 1970.
Was assigned to 462nd. Air Defense Artillery Battalion at Fort Bliss,Texas upon return from Vietnam, and was with this unit until leaving the Army in May of 1971.
167th. Signal Company 1969-1970
Rockey T Coleman Army Signal Corp,  once again Steve you have worked long and hard to link us together. Welcome Home LZ UPLIFT 1969- 1970
George Edwards Army,  served in B Co on various sites: LZ English, Vung Chu Mt,Bong Son, Phan Rang and home base was tent city in Nha Trang 54th Signal Bn 1966-1969
Jack Saunders US Army Signal Corps, 1st Platoon, Torch Commo Bunker, LZ Uplift      (Duster Hill) 167th Signal Co 1968-1969
John Molnar Army/ Signal Corp, I was a 31L20 who spent most of my time at An Khe before the company moved there from Pleiku.  Spent a few months on top of Hong Cong mountain and visited most of the other sites as needed. 
167th Signal Co. 3rd Platoon

1969 - 1970

Ed Babcock Army 167th Signal Company (CA). 1966 - 1967
L.P.Barger, Jr. US Army, Come to the reunions, they're great 167th Signal Corp 1969 - 1970
Rafael E. Gonzales (mailman) US Army, Hi to you all from Albuquerque, NM
167th Sig co 1970
Sanford Gardner IFFV, It was great to see people I haven't seen in years at the reunion. 167th Signal Co 1966 - 1967
Neil Campbell Army, Steve thanks for getting in touch with me. I checked the entire site, "Job well done congrats to all that had a hand in it". I'll try to dig up some pics and post, would like to hear from any of the guys that left from Ft.Gordon, Nha Trang to Duc Pho To Chu Lai to Tam ky to Quang Nhi. please give me a shout.Best wishes to all "Brothers Forever"
167th signal (RRVHF)

1966 - 1967

David B Majo Us Army, Helped move unit from Pleiku to An Khe, Would love to hear from any one who served w/ me.  Will be at reunion. l67 RR Co 1969 - 1970
David K. Kauhane Sr. Army, 121 Sig.Bn. Co.A 167 Sig. Co.AN KHE & QUI NHON 801ST Maint.Co.101st AIRBORNE 121 Signal Bn. 167 Signal Co. 801 Maint. Co Nov. 1969 -   April 1971
C. Townsend US Army, I am humbled by the history of the Unit, which before now, was unknown to me.  All I did was run the Mess Hall at 167th in Vicenza for a few months, before being transferred to Bde. HQ in Mannheim, Germany. I continued to visit and inspect the 167th regularly, until I retired in 1993, just months before the Unit's final deactivation.  I'm in awe of the members I've read about here, and though I don't feel worthy to polish your boots, I'd be happy to cook you all a great Army breakfast sometime.  Carole Townsend, SFC, Retired 167 Sig Co, 2nd Sig Bde Caserma Ederle, Italy

Warren  Smith (Smitty)


This goes to anyone who has never been to a reunion. My first reunion was 1999 never missed one yet. Made a lot of new friends and after 30 years reunited with men that I served with for a year. Now these guys and their wives are family to me and my family. Thanks Steve for getting us back in touch. SO I say to anyone do not miss this one and you will not ever regret it. I GARON T .

167SIG. CO.    3rd Plt.
Randy Wiltsey U.S.ARMY, Thanks to Steve for this great website and for getting all of us together, see you all on the Bayou in November 167th Sig Co    AN KHE Jan 70 - Nov. 70
Steven Allison U. S. Army, Great Site Steve.  Thanks for getting us together again. 167 Signal Company June 1969 to June 1970

Tom Urbanski

US Army, On my second tour I was sent to Plieku w/ 167th.  Worked in Radio Repair shop and then became NCOIC of the Generator Section.  Borrowed the CO's Jeep to visit some nurses and he sent me to An Khe in July of '69 and then I was sent to Bon Song attached to the 173rd Airborne from Oct 69 to May 70.  I'll send up a picture of a bunch of us drunks in the repair shop in Plieku!  See you in New Orleans! 167th Signal Co, 54 Signal Battalion 1/69 - 5/ 70
Bill Best U S Army, I spent from mar 74 til Aprl 75 in the 167th in Vicenza.Great tour!! 2nd BDE 101st ABN Div    3/74 - 4/75
William Terry Army, Fantastic site !!! thanks Steve 167th Signal Co 1969-1970
Robert Wesley Army, Hong Kong Mtn. AnKhe Dec. 68 to Dec. 69 167thSig. Co 1968-1969
Gene Crist Army, Thanks Steve For getting us togather again.  I've enjoyed the opportunities for attending the reunions and hope to make many more 167th Sig Co  Ft Gordon, Nha Trang, Pleiku 1966-1967
John (Mike) Price Army,If you remember me get in touch! 167th Signal Co. RR Jun '70 - Nov '70 @ AnKhe
James R. Shrader Army, Urbanski I was at L.Z,English w/you. Nice Job Steve 82nd Airborne, 167signal, 5th Mechanized inf. 1969-1970
Robert(Bob)Millage Army, Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. 167th Signal Co.  / 101st Airborne 1970-1971
Army, After 36 years, I now discover the 167th web site!  This is unbelievable to me.  I came over from the original Ft. Gordon, GA group to Nha Trang and made the move to Plieku.  I was the company armor (or arms room guy) in Plieku.  I remember James Hardy and Pinkpank (the lawyer).  Love to all!     Steve  167th Sig Company 1966 - 1967
U.S. Army, I was in the 54th Signal Battalion from Jan-65-Jan 67.  Served in the Central Highlands on several missions.  Was only at Nha Trang for few days before three of us were sent to highlands for the year then back to Nha Trang for out-processing. 54th Signal Battalion 1965-1967
US Army, Stationed in Vicenza, Italy as a 72E.  Roommates were Mike Anderson, Robert Trumbal and Sherman. Spent alot of time with Mike Feeney, Robert Harriman and Greg Hatalksky. 167th Signal Co.  227th Transportation Co. 1986-1987 Vicenza, Italy  1990-1991 Desert Storm
Army, Joined the 167th Sig. Photo Co at Ft. Meade, Maryland in 1947. We shipped out to Korea in 1950. Would like to hear from anyone that was in the unit during that time. .167th Sig. Photo Co. 1947-1951
Army, I am active with Bill Cooper who has put together several reunions. 167th Signal Photo Co. FT Meade, Maryland 1947-1948
Walter Birmingham Worked in Torch Command Bunker, filled in briefly with Dekker in the orderly room. Just discovered this site!  Looking forward to more info on the next reunion. 167th Signal Company /54th Signal Battalion

      Nov 67 -     Dec 68

167th Sig. Co. (Outstanding)
Feb 1968-  May 1969
Army, Looking for guys in signal corp. at Dak To with me during '68 tet
1967 / 1969
Army, I was a 52b20
cbtry 2 94 arty
US Army, I served in the last Year in the Company in Vicenza Italy Caserma Ederle And was there to Deactivate the Unit. Get the Word to the Man.!!!!!!!
167th Sig Co
First Field Force Viet-Nam, First I want to thank Steve for getting us all together.
I want to say hello to all the guys in 2nd Plt, Joe Widner, Joe Flowers, Gerry Arnold, Charles Tharp, Rocky Smith, Gerome Jones, Sgt. John Goff, Gibbs "Pete" and more.
167th Sig Co
Dennis L Johnston US Army, Hope to see ya soon, 167th Signal Co 1966-1967

John W. Thiltgen

Signal Corps 167th Signal Company 1969
Ray Johnston Army

167th Sig. co.   "OUTSTANDING"!!!!!!  Just wanted to be on here with all of these wonderful people. can't remember all but that doesn't matter.

Dec. 66  -  Dec. 67
John Hart
US Army, Not sure of the tour dates anymore! Got that old CRS problem after 26 years of active duty and 21 years of retirement.
Supported Royal Thai Army & Border Police
1962-1963 or 1963-1964 (CRS)

John L. Thompson























Army, My father, John L. Thompson, was in the Army for 27 years, having served an additional 4 years in the Navy from 1939 to 1943. He gave this country 31 years of service, and served proudly. He passed away on April 15th, 2000, thumbing his nose at the IRS! What a good spirit he is!! I came across this sight trying to find something about Kafertal, Germany. I lived there from June of 1957 to June of 1959, while my father was assigned to the Benjamin Franklin Post, near Kafertal. I am now 55, and I am operating from a memory bank of a pretty small child. I have older brothers and sisters who may recall better than I the details of our housing location. I will ask them to help me with details. When I found this sight, and I reveiwed the information, it was clear to me that Dad was connected to this Corps, having served in Korea, Japan, Germany and Vet Nam, all the dates matching his dates of service and being away from home -- except for his assignment to Germany. We all lived in Germany. I miss the old goat so much. What possessed me to come to the computer today and type in Kafertal, I do not know. But Dad's spirit is pretty strong and just as stubborn as ever. Sadly, he did not have the buriel he wished for -- Dressed in my dress blues, and a 21 gun salute. He was most certainly in his dress blues. His body was not positioned in a salute, as per his request, but he was certainly standing at "at ease" with his 5 children and wife saluting him. I know that I was not a member of the Corps, but I genuinely believe that my Dad was. I want to connect to Kafertal, and to the Unit that Dad was assigned to. Some names that I remember are Colonel Picknell, Sgt. Sam Tabb, Sgt. Charles Ramus, and I am sure that I can provide more should you need more names to help me make contact. Dad was born in Creighton, Nebraska in 1917. I can't explain why I am eeding to reach out and make this connection, but it is important to me. If I am making contact with the wrong Corps, I know that I am still making contact with good people. Whatever you can do to help me honor my father's time in the service, and especially his connection to the wonderful families that we knew, like the Doug Dickenson family, I would deeply appreciate it. Blessings to you and yours, and the families who are our families because we chose to serve America in the most honorable of ways.


Peggy J. Thompson Brown

Recruting for the Signal Corps





















1944 - 1970





















Army, Thanks for all your doing for us, Steve. Was with original rotation from Ft Gordon to Nha Trang and then to Pleiku. Was with the group attached to 4th Infantry Division at Dak To. Note to Sgt. Jenrette:was with your's and Sgt Norvelle's Teams attached to the 101st Airborne in Central Highlands when we were airlifted to our lonely outpost on the knoll surrounded by five Montagnard villages(the good guys). My squad is that forth picture(colored)on the second page of pictures and I'm second from right standing. Some best buddys, Cartwright, Witmer, Medina, and Woody, but fondly remember many others.
167 Signal Company
Dec. 1966 - Dec. 1967
Army, Outstanding job Steve!I wounder if Sgt. Mayjo remembers me?
167th Signal Co. An Khe
Dec, 69-Nov,70
Army, With plt. at AnKhe Dec. & Jan. than dispatcher in motor pool at Pleiku until Co. moved to An Khe.
167th Signal Co.
Dec. 68-Dec. 69
Army, Years of service: Jan 1967 - August 1969
167th Signal
July 1968 - August 1969 Vietnam
Army, Basic training at Fort Ord. Then to Fort Gordon to 167th. During this time we went to Alaska on maneuvers for about three months. Then to Thailand 1962-1963. Discharged in Oct. 1963.
167th Signal Co.
1960 - 1963
Us Army AnKhe, I was station with the 167th only a short time when in June of 70 I was transfered down to CamRahn Bay to finish out my 2nd tour. I've been unable to remember to many guy I was stationed with in AnKhe or Cam Rahn Bay.
I worked in the supply room.
167th Sig
Jan 70- June 70
Army, Any "Blue Knights" out there??
167th Signal Co
Army, Have been to every reunion and have been reunited with 6 of my best friends and have met many more new friends. If you get a chance, you should come to the next reunion. It will be a chance to rekindle old friendships.
167th Signal Co
U.S. Army, Thanks for the site Steve
167th Signal Co
U S Army, I spent some time at Ban Me thout but was later sent to LZ English (Bong Son) where I spent most of my time.
167th Signal Co
April 1969 - Feb 1970
US Army, It seems like I left Nam yesterday. It has never left me. What a beautiful country it was. Hope you guys are doing well. I just found the web page. Good luck to all of you . A job well done..
167th Signal Co
1968 - 1970
Darryl B. Ledden (Gruby)
US Army, Hello to all and thanks for the great web site

167th Signal Co (Caserma Ederly Italy)

1972 to 1975
Army, Good to hear from all you guys out there. Pictures bring back lots of memories.
167th Signal Co.
Dec 67 - Dec 68 Pleiku, Dak To, Ban Me Thout
167th was the first unit I was assigned to as a 2LT fresh out of Ft Gordon. It was a great unit with a great tradition and history. In 1992-93 I served as CDR 54th Sig Bn in its present incarnation as a strategic Bn is SWA. We had an HHD and one Company in Dhahran and another Company in Riyadh. It was quite a surprise to learn the 167th had been a part of the 54th. I hope the Army will reactivate the 167th soon.
167th Signal Co.
1980-1983 1992-1993
Army, Would like to hear from any and all.
167th Signal Bn Anh Kahe

Feb 1969 to Feb 1970

US Army, Proud to have served with the 167th!!! Trained as a 72E20 but actually worked with Specialist 5 Joseph Palermo and "Top" Theron Cochran in the Company Clerk's Office.
167th Signal
Nov. 1974 - Sept. 1977
US Army, Signal Corps, Joined compant at Ft Gordon in Oct 1963. Went on Desert Storm to Mohavie in 1964. Left unit in 1965 to Korea and Vietnam. Who can remember SFC Lanza (Mr Clean) and 1SG Cook?
167th Sig Co RRVHF
Det#15,4th ID, NCOIC; Torch Relay (Engr Hill), NCOIC; advisor to MAC-V, Darlac Province (BMT area)- seven month extension at IFFV TechControl (behind the Grand Hotel)
IFFV/54th SigBn(Corps)/167th SigCo(RR)
Dec 68 - July 70 (last 7 months at IFFV Tech Control)
31M40/ Army, I am Marion Brock, III, i am the Son of Marion Brock, Jr who served in Vietnam. My Dad is not Computer Literate,however; if there is anything that you
all would want me to relay to him you can by emailing me. or if you like, call
him at (334)202-0606(Cell) or home at (334)281-3865
167th Signal Co
December 1966-December 1967
U.S Army, Nha Trang Sept 69 - Oct 69 Detachment #7 - Pleiku MACV Advisory Team #21 - Oct 69 - Apr 70 Detachment #11 - Buon Me Thuot - LZ English 173rd Airborn Apr 70 - Oct 70
IFFV-167th Signal Co.- Co. A, 54th Signal Bn.
24 Sept 69 - 12 Oct 70


1968 1969

194 - 1985

US Army - Signal Corps
167th Signal Co
Ulrike M. Riebau US Army, Thanks for presenting this website. Regards Ulrike, Germany 167th Signal Co 3 years active service and 3 years active reserve
Paul Dick US Army, I was there to de-activate the 167th in September, 1994.  My time with the 167th in Vicenza ranks right up there as some of the greatest times I've had.  If anyone else was stationed there during that time, it'd be great to hear from you.  Susan Tungate, Jason Goodhue, the Diehls, Lecante Jackson, Rodriguez (male), Rodqiguez (female), Music Wilson, McWatters, Evans, Jones, roommate Martinez, cable dogs SPC Simmons and SGT Orta, Staff SGT Tolbert, SFC McKinnon, and others.  Hope everyone is well. 167th Signal Co  1992-1994
Jerome Jones US Army, I would like to thank Steve for putting this website together. It is great to see the names of all the guys I  thought I forgot. I would be happy to communicate with others from the 167th Signal Co. I'm really excited about the chance to meet up with or talk to some of you guys. 167th Signal Co Dec '66-70
Richard E Hembree US Army, Would like to here from anyone who might know Jimmy Hall (Airborne) from Alabama or SSG Mess Sgt at Camp Radcliff, dam he could cook. 167th Signal Co 1969-1970
Bill Bentley US Army, Basic training at Fort Gordon. Then  to 167th Signal Company.  Then to Thailand 1962-1963. After Thailand went to Desert Storm California. Discharged in Dec. 1964 167th Signal RRVHF 1962-1964
Joseph Flynn Army 167th Signal Co  1969- 1970 
Patrick C. Tempel Army, Lots of memories, thanks for doing this Steve! 167th Signal  1970
Tom Pasquariello Army, After being in the next to last draft, I was assigned to the 167th Signal Company shortly after it was re-activated in Vicenza, Italy.  The great people I was with made it 2 great years that I will always remember and would never trade. Although primary was 72E20 I worked in supply with SSgt Ringer under "Top" Cochran.  It's been many years but would love to talk to some of the people that were there for that interesting time.  Two that I roomed with were Jay Lewis and Roger Hausman.  Thanks for the site! 167th Signal Co 1972 - 1974
Frank Longeill U.S.Army 167th Signal Company, 22years retired 167th Signal Co 1968-1969
U. S. Army, First went to Nha Trang, (54th Sig)then to AN Khe for a while, and served at a guard tower. Went to FB North English. Stayed there for some months, and helped to dismantle site. After going back to An Khe I helped to close 167th, and went back to Nha Trang. Left Vietnam out of Cam Rhan Bay Dec. 70
167th Signal Co
1969 - 1970
U.S. Army
167th Signal Co
1966-1967 1968-1969
167th Signal Co
3Years3Months June 84- Sept 87



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